Rain Out Game – “METS DON’T USE TARP!” – Idiots!!!

The Met game was rained out on Monday, because the ground crew did not USE A TARP!!! What a bunch of idiots. The article below came off the Mets website. They should have played this game!


Mets’ game against Marlins rained out

PORT ST. LUCIE, Fla. — Stormy weather forced the Mets to cancel Monday’s scheduled game against the Marlins, knocking out power around the region and leaving a soggy field at Digital Domain Park.

Though mostly sunny skies returned by early afternoon, Digital Domain’s grounds crew left the field uncovered overnight, not anticipating the early-morning thunderstorms that blanketed the area with rain. Rather than risk injuries on a soggy track, the Mets opted to cancel the game.


I just had to write this. This is unbevievable! You can’t make this up! This team have a bunch of idiots from top to bottom. I drove down there an hour away , it was not raining there.

The forecast was for 80% rain! How could you not anticpate this or at least possibly think of putting the tarp down. You are he F***ing ground crew! It’s your only job.

If you haven’t noticed, I am pissed!


rain delay.JPG 

Rain Out With A Rebate!

Ok my friend “The Wiz”, or as I refer to him as the ‘Wizard Of Rockledge”, put the “Rain Jinx on me! He made a comment below (“Take me out to the ball game…or not”) about me stating that not a single Florida spring training game has not been rained out.

So I wake up to rain this morning, pouring badly. I check and there is rain till noon and 10% chance till 4:00PM. So I’ll show him!

I get in my car drive an hour to PSL. The skies are getting clearer as I get closer to the stadium. I get out of the car and it looks OK, no rain in sight. I park a block from the Mets lot (Saves me $5.00) and walk towards the stadium.

My friend Neil notices cars leaving the lot and says “These fans have already given up on the Mets!” There is nobody at the gate collecting the $5.00 parking fee. This should have been my first sign. A car drives by and tells us the game is cancelled!

I go to the ticket window to seek a refund. I have two $12.00 tickets. I am told that I can exchange the tickets for Wed. game, the last of the year against “The Fish” or get a refund.

I opt for the refund. I fill out a form. I am told that “There will be a “check in the mail”, oh yea sure. I ask for a receipt and I don’t get one.

Upon walking back to my car, two things dawn on me:

 1) The Mets in their financial mess are offering me MONEY BACK! No teams give you money back. They tell you to use it next year or keep it as a memory, or something.

2) I am never getting my money back and that Picard guy (The Madoff dude trying to get money back) is going to confiscate my $24.00!

You can’t win them all!…but you can lose them all!

Only 2 days left of spring training. I am going to have withdrawals. Thank to the “Schedule Gods” I get to see opening and the series vs. Florida this weekend.





Spring Training – Top 10 Reasons Why I love it!

First of all I have to say I am sorry that spring training is coming to an end. I look forward to it and it is the best month of the year for baseball fans in Florida, in my humble opinion. I am sorry that it has to end every year. 

Here are my top 10 reasons why I like Spring Training over the regular season.

10) You have at least 2 or 3 games you can go to every day during the season in your local area.

  9) There are 14 parks and you can easily see them all with some planning every year.

  8) You can see 2 games with 4 teams on 2 different fields in the same day.

  7) You can lay out a blanket  on a soft grass hill, like you are on the beach, get a great tan and watch a baseball game at the same time.

  6)  Sometimes you get handed a free ticket and sometimes you can get a ticket for $5.00

  5) I got to see a future star (Bryce Harper) play two games in two different parks against two different teams in the same day.

   4) The weather is practically perfect for every single day and not one game from the 15 teams has been rained out.

   3) Everyone you sit around is friendly, smiling, and willing to talk to you. I made two good friends this year and one of them blogs for the Washington Nationals,  an arch rival of my Mets. There are no idiots at the park.

   2) The parks are so small and cozy that no matter where you sit you are on top of the action.

    1) Beer, ballparks, bats & balls, beach, babes, burgers, berms, boobs & butts, BASEBALL whats not to like. There is never a bad day at the ballpark! 



Take Me Out To The Ballgame!!…..Or Not!

Season ticket sales for the Mets have been dreadful, to put it mildly. According to the story in the New York Times, the Mets have only sold 7000 seasaon tickets, which accounts for 600,000 total seats sold.

Over 81 home games,, this amounts to 7,407 fans at the park per game. Of course that does not account no shows and walk up sales the day of the game. That is horrible, awful, ugly, etc. What is going on? I was at a Spring Training game against the Boston Red Sox this year and the Mets had 7,413 fans show uo for that game.

Is there a strike against the Wilpons in New York that I don’t know about? Is the team that bad?

I am a very positive Met fan, especially during spring training, but I will be the first to say that “I am not feeling it this year!” There is just not a buzz about this team this year!










MGIF Is Going Live to 7 out of Next 8 Met Games

BIG PELF is pitching today and I got my “GO BIG PELF” shirt purchased from, a good MET blog I frequent!

The Met guy in Florida is going to four of the next five Met spring training games as well as the first three regular season games being held in Florida!

Being a Met fan and a baseball fan MGIF has attended about 25 spring training games this season. This includes games at the Houston Astros stadium and the Washington Nationals. This is the most I have been to.

I like going to the as many games towrds the end of spring training for several reasons. The starters come out and play about seven innings.The pitchers are trying to get to six and seven innings also. I also feel it is important to end spring trainining on a positve note. Alot of people say “Its only spring training, it doesn’t count”, I know but I feel there needs to be some team chemistry and an attitude.


If you have never been to Spring Training, I highly recommend it. In the next few days I will discuss the major differences and what makes spring training games so special and much more fun than regular season games.



What a great bonus this year to see the Mets open up in Florida also! 


Is Energy Enough To Carry The Mets?

The Mets seem like they have some good energy coming towards the end of spring training. It is much different than the past years.  You have to know we made the right moves and that we are not going to be in the playoffs this year. This year we finallty get back on the right path and we have a plan.

We have Josh Thole, Brad Emaus, Ike Davis so the youngsters will see some action this year. We have David Wright, Jason Bay, Angel Pagan and Jose Reyes for at least a while.

The pitching although it looks better than projected is not nearly enough to carry us to possible.500 baseball.

The real question and character will come when the team has some extended losing streaks and trust me they are going to happen.

Energy is great for opening day and the first part of the year, but baseball is not a sprint, it is a marathon!



Meet Your New Second Baseman-Brad Emaus

Yes you heard it here first Brad Emaus will be the Mets starting second baseman on opening day. There were 9 guys entered for the seconbas postion sweepstakes during spring training and Brad Emas has won te battle.

Or was even a battle? In MGIF’s eyes he was the “chosen one” from the first day J.P Riccadi plucked him out of the rule 5 draft. There was never a doubt in my mind. The front office made a player statement with giving  him EVERY chance to prove them right.

I dpn’t get this move..but I get it!





Will the Mets Draw 2 Million Fans in 2011?

 As the Mets get ready for the 2011 season, A big question will be fan support. The “Hot Stove” season was a disaster as the Mets were virtually silent and did almost nothing. Low risk, high reward, budget minded signings were the norm.

The publicity has been awful. We have had Madoff scams, and lawsuits. A new front office has taken over and from the looks of the team it sounds like a lost year.

There are no real expectations for this team and the overall fan opinion is that we will not be competing for a playoff spot.

Here are the past two year figures. Everyone knows that 2009 was the first year in a brand new stadium. . 

2010 Rank # 12 Attendance 2,559,738 Average 32,401 Capacity 77.1%

2009 Rank #   7 Attendance 3,154,270 Average 38,941 Capacity 92.7

Last year we dropped  600,000. This year ticket prices have been reduced by 14%. I don’t know if that is enough to bring back the faithful. Will attendance drop off about the same. 

In order to draw 2 million fans for 81 home games the MEts would have to average 24,691. To me that sounds like a steep drop.

I will say the Mets will draw 2.2 million this year. What do you thionk?


Spring Training Road Trips See Every Team / Every Park-How many days?

I live on the Space Coast so T-Minus 10 days and counting till Opening Day!…..Had to say it!

Using the 2011 Spring Training schedules, I looked at the FL and AZ Spring training schedules for fun and tried to calculate how fast you could see every park and every team on a whirlwind road trip as fast as you possibly can. This is not totally scientific!


It would take you 8 days to see 14 parks and 15 teams! Six of the days would be doubleheaders.

ARIZONA CACTUS LEAGUE: (March 21-March 26)

It would take you 6 days to see 10 parks and 15 teams. All six days would be doubleheaders!

This is much easier to do in AZ due to the fact that 5 ballparks are shared by two teams as opposed to only one in Florida. Also all the teams are very concentrated in AZ and they are spread out across the state in Florida.

I have been to every Spring Training stadium in Florida, but I have never made in out to AZ. Being from CT and an East coast kind of guy, I have tried to make a case to go out to Spring Training in AZ, this may help me decide. 

Would love to here from fans who have been to both to here the positives or negatives about the Cactus League.

I have met two great friends during this Spring Trainining.I have sat with them many times at Washington National games. The Nationals play in Viera, FL ( Melbourne area) and is the closest park to my home.

 “The Wiz”, a local buddy who lives in Rockledge and Andrew alias “Dangernat” who lives in VA. He writes a great blog about the Washing ton Nationals. Andrew is spending the entire spring training and reporting on the Nats every day, including the minor league practices.

The Wiz wants me to to go out to AZ for spring training next year. He has lived out there and knows the area, hence todays study on how long it would take to see all the teams and parks.